Feb 28, 2015

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to 1.47% Rates

New Car Loan
1.90% Apply

Used Car Loan
2.75% Apply

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New Motorcycle Loan
6.5% Apply

VISA Credit Card
9.9% Apply

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Telephone (530) 257-7736
Fax (530) 257-9042

2605 Riverside Drive
Susanville, Ca 96130
Behind Wal-Mart- next to the Social Security Office
Email us - dmiller@lassencreditunion.com

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Mon-Thurs, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Dawn Miller  Chief Executive Officer 102 email
Cherilyn Murphy  Executive Vice President 103 email
Heather Brown  Chief Operations Officer 101 email
Dianne Dennler Senior Loan Officer 106 email
Susie Morrish Loan Officer 105 email
Laura Botens Transmissions 117 email
Heidi Martinez Head Teller 109 email
Vera Campa
Collections 107 email
Carrie Williams Administrative Assistant 122 email
Katelyn Martin  Marketing 104 email

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(530) 251-2146 Available 24/7

Lost or Stolen Visa Credit Card or Check Card (530) 257-7736
After hours or weekends (800) 528-2273